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Leveraging Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion.


Diversity Solutions Group is a consulting and training firm focused on assisting public, academic, corporate and not-for-profit organizations in reaching their diversity and leadership goals.


Our consultants come from different backgrounds with expertise in strategic planning, leadership and organizational development, dimensions of culture, training design and facilitation, change management, implementing and interpreting various work and personality style inventories, team facilitation, employee relations, conflict resolution, and leading intercultural teams.

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Ms. Vigo-Morales is co-founder of Diversity Solutions Group, specializing in domestic and global intercultural relations, and the creation and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies. Ms. Vigo-Morales successfully led the diversity and inclusion functions at Kaiser Permanente-Colorado, MWH, Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard, after many years of accomplishments in the fields of human services, human rights and health education.

Being born and raised outside USA's mainland in San Juan, Puerto Rico has provided Ms. Vigo-Morales with a unique cross-cultural perspective. This experience continues to influence her deep understanding and commitment for diversity and inclusion, and for facilitating culturally mindful behaviors that lead to effective intercultural relationships and real organizational success.

Ms. Vigo-Morales studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at the College of the Sacred Heart in San Juan, Puerto Rico and at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has studied extensively with distinguished multiculturalist Lillian Roybal Rose, and with world-renowned interculturalist Milton Bennett. She has also studied with Michael Paige, George Renwick, Patricia Digh, André Laurent, Lee Gardenswartz, Anita Rowe, John Condon and Carmen DeNeve at the Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon.
Ms. Vigo-Morales is fluent in Spanish and English and highly experienced with Latin American cultures.



Ms. Kistler is co-founder of Diversity Solutions Group. She currently provides consulting and training in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural communication competence, organizational effectiveness, and leadership and management development. She has more than 25 years’ experience designing and facilitating training seminars and classes within and outside the United States. In addition, Ms. Kistler has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses on leadership development, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural/multi-cultural education at Colorado State University. Ms. Kistler is certified in a number of personality, leadership and workstyle assessments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FIROB, DiSC, Social Styles, and StrengthsFinder as well as the Profilor 360 Degree Feedback tool.

In addition to her work as a university educator and consultant, Ms. Kistler worked for many years with Hewlett Packard Company, managing and leading Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness for the company’s global software business, both in domestic and international settings.

Ms. Kistler holds a BS and MEd from Colorado State University (Higher Education Administration and Adult Education). She has also studied extensively at the Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon, with nationally renowned interculturalists Lillian Roybal Rose, Milton Bennett, Michael Paige, George Renwick, William Cross, Mitch Hammer, and Lee Knefelkamp. She lives with her family in Northern Colorado.


Principal Consultant

For over 20 years, Ms. Jones has guided people and organizations through the process of fundamental transformation. She is a leading voice in shaping contemporary thinking and practice around integrated and sustainable approaches to personal transformation, workplace culture, diversity and inclusion. Ms. Jones works with clients in higher and K-12 education, not-for-profits, government and an array of industries such as airline, healthcare, technology, financial services, entertainment, automotive and public relations. She has guided the design and implementation of strategy for aligning D&I efforts with business objectives, launching and re-positioning employee resource groups, and worked with senior leaders on messaging and metrics.

In addition to her extensive consulting experience, Ms. Jones has taught courses on leadership and diversity at Colorado State University and been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Ms. Jones is a certified administrator of Certified 360 administrator of the Center for Creative Leadership Assessment Suite including Benchmarks®, the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) Inventory. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in student affairs in higher education from Colorado State University, and an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University. She has a number of published articles and has authored two books. She lives outside of Chicago, IL with her family.




In every industry and organization, from health care to manufacturing to public service to academia, employees interact across cultural contexts. All sectors experience ever increasing numbers of workers, clients, customers, students and partners, reflecting a variety of cultural perspectives. Whether the different perspectives are a result of domestic and/or international cultural differences, they must operate effectively and in ways that enhance the organization.

To be successful, leaders and organizations must embrace cultural diversity, and proactively relate to it as a valuable opportunity to be leveraged, rather than an obstacle to overcome. Consultants at Diversity Solutions Group help facilitate the abilities necessary to grow and prosper in any multicultural environment or relationship. Our goal is to contribute to leaders’ and organizations’ productivity and effectiveness by increasing their cultural agility.


Attracting, retaining and engaging the best available talent; achieving higher creativity, innovation and better problem-solving; and more organizational flexibility are all essential to organizational effectiveness. Unfortunately, the degree of complexity in organizations today combined with intense financial challenges, often keep leaders shifting organizational effectiveness problems from “here” to “there”. When leaders are faced with such a high degree of complexity, it is difficult to take the broad view, often leaving organizational effectiveness factors relegated to a secondary priority.

Consultants at Diversity Solutions Group understand this challenge and work constructively within organizations to generate clarity and confidence. We help great companies and organizations achieve excellent results through leadership development, executive coaching, high performing teams, talent management, and culture change. Diversity Solutions Group Consultants facilitate confidence to embrace complexity. We enable environments where leaders inspire the best performance from everyone, lead change, and meet all business goals effectively.


The changing demographics of the workforce, student body, and marketplace require a substantial shift in the way businesses and organizations operate to be successful. Objectives, initiatives, strategies, owners, timetables and metrics are required in order to meet goals, encourage ownership, and assure excellent results.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) must be strongly linked to other business or organizational goals. When seen as separate from “essential” business or organizational strategies, progress is harder to attain. In this case, efforts or resources invested are seen as optional, extra-curricular, or even as detractors from “real” work. When D&I goals are clearly understood as a critical component of business strategy contributing to the bottom line, progress is readily attainable.

Consultants at Diversity Solutions Group help generate clarity behind D&I goals as valuable and essential to business results. They help organizations discover opportunities and methods that establish D&I strategies as critical “ROI” factors. Our goal is always to facilitate the conditions that help create a climate of inclusion and equity. We believe that an environment of inclusive excellence will transform our places of work and organizations into truly successful multicultural entities, where all involved are successful.



Multicultural Community Retreat 2017
Retiro Comunal Multicultural 2017


WHEN/CUÁNDO: Sept 8th & Sept 9th, 2017; 8am to 5pm
WHERE/DÓNDE: Foothills Unitarian Church - 1815 Yorktown Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80526
COST/COSTO: $75; some scholarships available / algunas becas disponibles
Registration Closed / Matricúla cerrada

Flyer: English / Spanish


We live in a fast-paced, increasingly complex and demanding world where our ability to engage with each other and have a greater understanding of culture, power imbalance, inclusivity and other human dynamics, are significant components of healthy community life. These considerations often emerge through discussions about a community's "well-being" and are gradually forming a part of any community's vision. This degree of complexity demands committed, culturally proficient community members. The goal of the Multicultural Community Retreat is to create the opportunity for community members to come together to learn about cross-cultural concepts; further develop their cultural proficiency; and become inspired towards positive, inclusive action in their community.


Vivimos en un mundo acelerado, cada día mas complejo y exigente, donde nuestra abilidad para establecer relaciones humanas y mejor comprensión de conceptos como cultura, el desequilibrio del poder, la inclusividad y otras dinámicas entre los seres humanos, son componentes significativos de una vida comunitaria saludable. Estas consideraciones surgen frecuentemente en conversaciones sobre el "bienestar" de las comunidades y gradualmente van formando parte de la aspiración de toda comunidad. Este grado de complejidad exige que miembros de la comunidad adquieran más competencia multicultural. La meta del Retiro Comunal Multicultural es crear la oportunidad para que miembros de la comunidad se reúnan y aprendan acerca de conceptos multiculturales; continuar el desarrollo de su competencia multicultural; e inspirarse para tomar acción inclusiva en su comunidad.

Multicultural Community Retreat 2017 - Part 2
Retiro Comunal Multicultural 2017 - 2da Parte


WHEN/CUÁNDO: Nov. 4, 2017; 8am to 5pm
WHERE/DÓNDE: Colorado River Community Room - 222 LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins, CO
COST/COSTO: $50; some scholarships available / algunas becas disponibles
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Registration Form: English / Spanish
Flyer: English


Let me say it again…we live in a fast-paced, increasingly complex and demanding world where our ability to engage with each other effectively is a critical component of healthy community life. This degree of complexity demands committed, culturally proficient community members. We are all in this together and together we can learn to truly appreciate each other, get comfortable with the discomfort that often surfaces in the face of “difference” and inspire each other to become more confident to make a difference in our world.

The goal of the Multicultural Community Retreat - Part 2 is to create the opportunity for community members to deepen the learnings from MCR – Part 1 or other similar learning experiences, by exploring the concepts of "bias", "worldviews" and "patterns of behavior"; and how they are each shaped, evolving and continually influencing our lives.


Déjame repetirlo… vivimos en un mundo acelerado, cada día mas complejo y exigente, donde nuestra abilidad para establecer relaciones humanas efectivas, es un componentes crítico para una vida comunitaria saludable. Este grado de complejidad exige que miembros de la comunidad adquieran más competencia multicultural. Estamos todos juntos en esto y juntos podemos aprender a verdaderamente apreciarnos unos a los otros, a sentirnos cómodos con el desasosiego que muchas veces se opone a las "diferencias" humanas, y a inspirarnos mutuamente para desarollar mas confianza en nosotros mismos para hacer una diferencia en nuestro mundo.

La meta del Retiro Comunal Multicultural – 2da Parte es crear la oportunidad para que miembros de la comunidad profundicen en los aprendizajes del MCR – 1ra Parte, o de otros talleres de aprendizaje similares, explorando los conceptos de "bias", "cosmovisión" y "patrones de comportamiento"; y cómo cada uno es formado, evoluciona y continuamente influencia nuestras vidas.



These examples from Diversity Solutions Group clients illustrate a range of challenges, solutions and results achieved through our services.

  • Integration of Diversity and Inclusion

    General Manager wants more progress but leaders lack the knowledge and skills needed to inspire greater diversity & inclusion progress within organization.
    Established coaching relationship with General Manager. Facilitated creation and communication of General Manager’s diversity & inclusion initiative composed of three separate learning strategies and a structured diversity recognition program.
    90% of managers participated and reported significant progress in their diversity competency. Organization’s leadership adopted practice of setting aside a percentage of every leader’s salary increase to diversity-related results.

  • HR's Diversity Competence

    Human Resources team is expected to integrate diversity & inclusion interests within the organization and lacks the awareness, knowledge and skills to accomplish task.
    Designed and facilitated diversity learning initiative for Human Resources team. Created peer-coaching structure to facilitate ongoing practice/feedback/demonstration cycle in order to generate learning and development sustainability.
    95% of Human Resource members participated and reported substantial improvement in their diversity competency and ability to coach business leaders regarding diversity & inclusion.

  • Harassment Prevention

    Unfortunate incident related to harassment leads to costly litigation, loss of productivity, and damaged company reputation.
    Created and rolled-out 'just-in-time' required training for all employees on harassment prevention. Established training sequence, participation tracking system, reports for leadership, and consequences for non-compliance.
    100% of employees trained. Local community leaders recognize company as 'Prized Citizen'.

  • Transgender Employee's Transition

    Transgender employee is 'transitioning' within the organization. Leadership is fearful of employee’s rejection and the potential for negative consequences to employee's career, staff morale and productivity.
    Created comprehensive change management plan including support for Transgender employee, communication with all staff, and coaching of leadership. Designed and rolled-out diversity training for all staff with emphasis on 'gender identity'; facilitated executive briefing on company policy, legal, and organizational implications.
    Transgender employee completed transition safely with no negative impact on career; many members of staff were able to demonstrate their support for the employee, modeling inclusion; and staff requested additional diversity & inclusion training.

  • Community Analysis

    Company opening new facility in previously unknown, highly diverse community. Needs to understand community from a cultural perspective and prepare new facility accordingly.
    Conducted community analysis from a historical and cultural perspective. Analyzed findings, prepared report and presented recommendations to Executive leaders. Helped prepare a Staffing Plan for the facility based on community demographics; influenced the 'look and feel' of the facility; influenced company’s future community investment and community relations activities in the community; and established ongoing relationships with diverse community leaders in the area.
    Company leaders and staff felt confident and ready to do business in new community. Diverse leaders welcomed company before opening its doors. Company has shown great business success in this new community.

  • Organizational Design

    Organization experiencing misalignment and confusion of roles. Organization requests an organizational design review, recommendations and facilitation of re-organization.
    Assembled design team included current staff members, to help insure buy-in for eventual recommendations. Conducted organizational assessment with the assistance of design team, to determine current state. Conducted assessment data analysis; prepared report of findings; presented findings and recommendations to leadership, along with design team. Provided consulting and coaching to top leader to implement necessary organizational changes.
    Organizational changes were implemented successfully with full support from current staff.

  • Increasing Management Excellence

    Organization’s employee satisfaction scores low, reflecting staff‘s low confidence with supervisors. Organization also experiencing high number of formal employee grievances.
    Designed and implemented robust management training for all supervisors in the organization. Topics included: management roles and responsibilities, effective communication, working effectively in a multicultural environment, conflict resolution, work and personality styles, performance management, coaching for performance, and employment law for managers.
    Employee satisfaction scores have improved by 25%; and number of formal grievances is down by 50%.

  • Effectiveness of Employee Networks

    Company’s 'employee network groups' lack business focus and necessary structure to add value to the organization. No clear funding structure or coordination leads to inequity and competition for dollars between the groups.
    Created structure for employee network groups including charter, operating and leadership structure, and funding model. Recommended yearly plans that clearly add value to organizational goals; internal coordination that encourages collaboration among groups and expects accountability; and an overall employee network group strategy that includes leadership development, leverage of cultural knowledge, and fiscal responsibility.
    Company established internal coordination of employee network groups and clear funding levels and structure. Expectations were set for accountability and performance. The number of groups, contribution, and visibility increased.





What our clients and colleagues are saying...

  • You have had such an impact on me, while I observe how you work with people and think out of the box to solve problems.


  • I have learned from you how to position diversity and inclusion work within the business strategy, in a more compelling way. You are masterful!


  • Your ability to partner with leaders to demonstrate the priority of cultural competence in all Human Resources work is excellent.


  • I have loved every moment working with you, and have learned so much about the true meaning and spirit of diversity and inclusion; thank you.


  • Your dedication and sense of commitment to this work is appreciated and admired by many who have benefitted from your support and guidance. Thank you!

    SACHIKO H.  -  MWH



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